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Monday, August 23, 2010


So far we've gone through Alabama, Mississippi, and have finally come to a short stop in Louisiana. Driving all this way has been harder than we expected...who knew that sitting would be so hard?

Anyway, the trip has been fun overall. Each state has surprised me in its own way. I wasn't in Alabama long but the air, I noticed, was much cooler at night than in Florida. Definitely a plus! However, it was not cold enough to scare the mosquitoes away. :( Learned that the hard way!

Mississippi was fun too; a little longer drive through. Again, not as hot as Florida even in the middle of the day! The welcome center had good information and even some free maps of the Blues Trail!

Louisiana was by far the most surprising. New Orleans, the most famous part of Louisiana, turned out to not be as exciting as I thought it to be. While beautiful and definitely historic, the traffic was the worst, the streets confusing, and one-ways and no truck zones made it impossible to find the route we needed to take. Needless to say we spent more time driving around than actually sight seeing! Throughout the rest of Louisiana was beautiful to say the least. Took some great pictures of the green planes, the complex bridges, the many rolling hills, and the sun-drenched skyline as we made our way up towards the state line of Texas.

So far, very fun trip! We have been trying to conserve what little money we have by not eating out too much (if at all) or staying at costly hotels. Gas is by far the most expensive thing...hopefully we will have enough to actually get to Seattle!

For now,
Be safe, live life, and have fun :)