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Thursday, July 8, 2010

2 things I didn't know before

Today was exhausting. I woke up at around 5 am to go to my grandparent's house because they were nice enough to hold all of my unwanted stuff so I could have a huge 3 day yard sale. Yesterday, I ended up going to bed at around 1 in the morning, but kept waking up during the night, so I probably only got a solid 3 hours of sleep. However, I slapped myself into hard drive and finished day one of the gigantic sale.
Not only did I confirm that I am not a morning person, I also learned something new about myself and my grandfather. I have never been the type of person who is outgoing, especially when dealing with people I don't know. Usually people at yard sales (at least the ones who sell a lot) are those really friendly bargainers who just seem like they are buddies with everyone who stops by. As of today, I am one of those people. I found out that I can be outgoing and strike up a conversation, if I don't allow nerves to get in the way. I also noticed I can be a really great bargainer too!
My grandfather is not my "blood" grandfather, but he's been around so long that I consider him to be pretty much every male role model that is missing in my life. He is THAT great. And he isn't the greatest grandfather a girl could ever ask for because he spends his money on me, or takes time to be involved in my life, it is solely because he doesn't "have" to but still does. He has been there for me and my family for my whole life, even though "technically" he could do nothing. This is why I love him like he is my own blood. But this is not what I learned today, because I already knew he was awesome:) What I did learn was that a person does not have to be "blood" to be a family member, just like a foster parent doesn't have to be a child's "biological" parent to actually be the parent.


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