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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The few good things about school most don't appreciate

Ahhh, the one thing I love about school the most...shopping for school supplies :)
I know, sounds totally freshman-y...but I can't help it! I love the feel of a new backpack, new folders, new pencils, new binders...the works!

And the really cool part of school starting is the fact that everything else is new too. New people, new clothes, new shoes, new classes, new haircuts, new style, new attitude, new, new, new!! A new school year is the chance for every student to re-invent themselves, even if it's just a little thing they change like a bad study habit.

I like to take that whole month before school starts to go over what all I have (material wise). Then I go over what I don't want to repeat from last year (attitude wise, or other). And by the time school starts, I feel more confident and focused on not only school, but myself as well. School is not just a means of learning text book material. It's also a way to learn "outside the box" and discover things you probably wouldn't have at home. While most people say they hate school because the teachers are bad, or their classes are hard, I think the real problem is their attitude.
Last year I had a really bad trig teacher. He liked to mumble his way through the lessons, then give us 6 worksheets before test day on friday. Yippee. My second year in HS, I didn't appreciate my Algebra II teacher's way of teaching, and let's just say I didn't quite pass. (Though I did take it again online, just to prove I could get an A.) And through all the griping and complaining that life wasn't "fair," I learned that I actually had learned something!
Obviously, I didn't learn much during those classes. But, in order to not fail, I did find a tutor and I took an online make up class. So already I learned to take control of a bad situation and turn it around so I'd get to graduate.

And in light of this post, I've decided to write down some tips for any student that is having one of the 3 major issues in school.

Issue #1: The class is too hard/confusing. Issue #2 The teacher isn't explaining it right!

Tips: Find a tutor or a friend that is either well versed with the material, or well versed with the teacher's way of teaching. And also remember that any math or science class has a TEXTBOOK! If you don't like the way your teacher explains something, you can always go back in the text book and read the material for yourself! (Teachers have to get their sources from somewhere!)

Issue #3: I am just not into ____insert class here___.
Tips: Find something about that class that's interesting! Or, if there isn't anything, find a cool and fun way to study the material for the tests like making up a song in your head, recording yourself reciting facts, making flash cards, or having a study party with your friends. (Just remember there has to be more studying than partying :) )

More often than not most students would rather be lazy than do something about their grades or their attitudes about school. I was like that my second year of high school...and I regret it to this day! Grades are very important if you want to go to college. (But also remember to not "freak out" if you have one bad grade.) And even if you don't want to go to college, school is extremely important for understanding the basic things. School really isn't all that bad, most of the stuff I thought I'd "never use again" I'm now seeing as I prepare for college.

So I say to every student out there: always strive to be your best, and don't just opt out before you've given school a chance. You might actually learn something:)

So anyway, I guess you could call me a school-lover. It's not that I particularly like waking up early to learn math, science, english, and history, it's just that I appreciate the whole experience.

All for now,

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