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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Exciting day...if not eventful

Today was the 3rd day and last day of my big moving sale...at least for now :)
I gotta tell you, it's exhausting. Even though all I do is put stuff out on tables and sit in a chair and tell people prices all day, in Florida weather...well lets just say that the all the cold drinks and mosquito spray in the world can't help. I've got more bites on my legs than I can count, and I've probably sweated at least 5 pounds off since this morning. But hey, if it means the difference between an apartment or living on the street...I'll take it. :)

Enough of my complaining! Today I met some really nice people who came by my sale (and some really creepy ones). I was talking with my mom the other day about how today's society compares to how it was in the "old" days. I saw a picture where a diner had one weaving bar, with stools set only about a foot or so apart from each other. In the photo, people where all sitting next to each other and talking, and it really bugged me. I thought about today's diners, where there are about ten separate tables spaced about 3 feet apart from each other. The difference in today's society is staggering. You may be thinking, why would seating arrangements be important? Well, the arrangements themselves speak their own language. They say, "I don't really want to sit by a complete stranger when I could sit here all by my lonesome." And that is precisely the problem. We (as in this generation) are so antisocial it is amazing. And I don't mean that teenagers don't talk, because they do. I'm saying that in the "old" generation, people could walk down their street and know everyone's name, their birthday, even what they were doing for Christmas. Today, I could walk down my street and tell you that I know absolutely nothing about any of my neighbors. Granted, not everyone is particularly "friendly" which is exactly why it is such a shame that our society isn't like the last...in that area at least. Just a thought.

Speaking of people, today my mother and I got stuck in a parking lot after we bought a nice load of cold and frozen groceries. Our old car suddenly decided that it wasn't going to go anymore, even though five minutes ago the engine had been purring with life. So, sitting in the hot car with frozen and other cold groceries, we called AAA to hopefully get a jump. At first, they estimated a one hour wait. My mom almost freaked. Ok, not almost. But then, a AAA guy called and said he was in the area, and it might only be 10 minutes. I rejoiced! Help was on the way! When he arrived, he got to work. The first 10 times, the battery didn't respond. Needless to say my mom was already on the verge of shouting at the sky or crying. She had already had a long day's work, and didn't need an unwilling car on top of it. Finally, the guy figured out that the starter was becoming heated, because of the age of the car, and said that all it needed was a few taps in the right places after it had cooled down. And he was right! Soon enough, the engine caught and held. I was so relieved! Apparently, AAA had recently been hiring actual mechanics so he was able to figure out what was wrong because he was familiar with cars already. Thank goodness for that!

So today was very exhausting but, at least, eventful. I met some nice people, earned some money, and learned how to fix a problem with a starter in a car!

That's all I have to share for now. Talk to you tomorrow!

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